FDMD3 Symposium, Lecco, 19-22. 9. 2017

The third international symposium “Fatigue Design and Material Defects” – FMDM was held 19-22 September 2017 in Lecco (Italy) in organization of the Polytechnic University of Milano. The symposium gathered researchers and engineers from whole world who are taking a fundamental (instead of phenomenological) approach to the fatigue, with the aim to develop methods for prediction of fatigue behaviour on the basis of measurable properties of micro-structure of the material.

A_MADAM team members with Prof. Yukitaka Murakami, the pioneer of studies of influence of material defects to fatigue behaviour

Since the research content of the A_MADAM project coincides with the topic of the symposium, researchers from the project participated in the work of the symposium and presented two papers:

  1. “Effect of machining and heat treatment on the fatigue properties of Maraging steel MS1 manufactured by DMLS”, by authors D. Croccolo, M. de Agostinis, S. Fini, G. Olmi, N. Bogojević and S. Ćirić Kostić
  2. “A two-factor experimental study of on the fatigue properties of 15-5 PH stainless steel obtained by powder bed laser fusion”, by authors D. Croccolo, M. de Agostinis, S. Fini, G. Olmi, A. Vranić and S. Ćirić Kostić
Prof. Dario Croccolo presents an article at the FDMD3 symposium

It is important to notice that the complete second day of the three-day symposium was dedicated exclusively to problems of fatigue design and fatigue behaviour of additive manufacturing products. With 23 papers dedicated to the study of fatigue of AM products, it represents the most investigated topic in the complete field of fatigue design, further confirming the relevance of the research topic selected for the project.