Promotion of the A_MADAM project at MTECH 2019, Poreč /Croatia/ 10-12 October 2019

MTECH 2019 is an international scientific conference organized by the Croatian Center for Non-destructive Testing, the Croatian Society for Materials and Tribology, the Croatian Society for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering and the Croatian Society for Materials Protection. The aim of the conference is to bring scientists, students, engineers and industry experts for exchanging experience in the field of innovation, materials development and testing methods, as well as linking all those who are engaged in experimental research with those whose activities, including design, production, quality control and other aspects of industrial production.

The conference is held at Poreč /Croatia/ on 10-12 September 2019, and one of the A_MADAM project participants, the Croatian SME “Topomatika” was one of the sponsors of the conference. “Topomatika” used the opportunity to present the A_MADAM project and promote participation in the H2020 program and MSCA.

Dr. Nenad Drvar presenting A_MADAM project

Dr. Nenad Drvar presenting H2020 partnership