Promotion of the ImPossible Design contest during the 2019 Researchers’ Night, Belgrade 27-28 September 2019

Promotion of the results and winners of the “ImPossible Design” contest was held on 27 of September 2019 in Belgrade /Serbia/, with start at 17h. The event was organized within the framework the EU manifestation “Researcher’s Night 2019”, and the venue was the Gallery of The Institute “Cervantes” in the center of Belgrade.

The program of the promotion consisted of:

  • Opening ceremony of the “ImPossible Design” exhibition
  • Presentation of the winners and awards
  • Media conference

The “Researcher’s Night 2019” in Belgrade event was the most important science promotion event in Serbia in 2019, when more than 500 exhibitors presented their research results to more than 40,000 visitors from whole Serbia. The event lasted for two days, and the visiting audience included a large number (almost a half of the visitors)  of pupils and pre-school children.

The A_MADAM project was presented by the printed 3D models of the winners of the competition “ImPossible Design”, but also other attractive models of complex shapes that impressed the audience and caused wider interest in many aspects of 3D printing technology and their application. Due to the huge number of visitors and the large space for the exposition, the presenters at the event were three ER and one ESR from the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering of Kraljevo and two seconded ESR from “Studio Pedrini”.

Winners of the ImPossible Design competition

Visitors of the A_MADAM exhibition

Elisa Pecci, one of the winners, with her winning model