Media conference for the Serbian national media, Kraljevo, 27.12.2018

On 27th of December of 2018 the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo organized a conference for national and local media with two key information to deliver:

  • The “ImPossible Design” contest
  • The mid-point of the A_MADAM project – results and perspectives
A screen grab from the most popular Serbian TV digest “Jutarnji program” – the A_MADAM Project Manager announcing the “ImPossible Mission” competition

The media conference was visited by the representatives of the following national media

  • Serbian Radio Television (RTS)
  • Prva TV
  • O2.TV
  • FoNet

and the following local media

  • TV Melos
  • Portal Krug
  • Kraljevski glasnik
  • Kraljevo Online
  • Kraljevački magazin
  • Portal E761