Impossible Design 2018/19

The “ImPossible Design“ is a competition for young mechanical and industrial designers aimed to promote additive manufacturing, which removes the conventional limitations of designers’ creativity and innovativeness in the process of new product development.

The authors of the most successful solutions will be awarded 3D printers and a scanner at the winners’ announcement ceremony during the exhibition “ImPossible Design – A_MADAM”, which will be organised in September 2019 within the manifestation “The Researchers’ Night“ in Belgrade.

The official poster of the 2018/19 ImPossible Design competition

The first edition of the competition was held in 2013/14 as a national Serbian competition.

The 2018/19 edition of the competition was opened on 1st of November 2018, and the promotion campaign was organized as a series of events held in Bosnia & Herzegovina (at University of Tuzla), Croatia (at University of Zagreb), Italy (at University of Bologna and Valsamoggia Fablab) and Serbia (at University of Belgrade). Besides, the contest was promoted in Croatian and Serbian media and internet using the networks of project partners.  All the information about the application, selection and awarding processes were available at the ImPossible Design webpage , where the promotion leaflet of the competition could be downloaded.

The initial deadline for applications was initially 1st of May 2019, but, due to the increased submission on 30th of April 2019, the application period was extended to the 15th of May 2019. 26 authors from Croatia, Italy and Serbia applied 49 3D models for the contest with the following distribution of the applications:

Country Croatia Italy Serbia
Authors 7 4 15
Models 10 11 28

By the combined votes of the international Jury of Experts, consisting of /ordered by age/:

  • Prof. Kosta Krsmanović, retired Professor in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Arts in Belgrade /Serbia/
  • Prof. Giangiacomo Minak, Professor in Mechanical Design at DIN department of University of Bologna /Italy/
  • Amir Šećerkadić, Mechanical Designer, General Manager of IZIT, Zagreb /Croatia/
  • Leo Vukelić, MA, Designer and member of the Croatian Designers Society, Zagreb /Croatia/
  • Dr Nebojša Bogojević, Additive Manufacturing Expert at Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering at Kraljevo of University of Kragujevac /Serbia/
  • Michele Monti, Digital Design and Manufacturing Expert, CEO of “Juno Design”, Bologna /Italy/

were selected three authors as winners of the “ImPossible Design 2018/19” contest. Each of the winners will be awarded a 3D printer MakerBot® Replicator® 2X, and below are presented information about the awarded models and winners:

“MK_Labyrinth_Cube” by Mladen Konecki /Croatia/
“Rambaldi Cryptex” by Marko Jovanovic /Serbia/
“LO.2” by Elisa Pecci /Italy/

By the largest number of votes received during the public voting was selected one winner who will be awarded the 3D scanner MakerBot® Digitizer TM Desktop:

“Lamp to open and close” by Asmir Daglar /Serbia/

As a gesture of appreciation of the efforts of participants in the contest, the Project Manager of the A_MADAM project decided to present a 3D printed models to two authors whose models had and outstanding aesthetic appeal, Andrija Mihelcic /Croatia/ amd Marko Vucic /Serbia/, as well as to an author whose models had exceptionally complex design, Marko Todorovic /Serbia/.