Workshop “3D digitalization and product control”, 29.5–1.6.2018, Kraljevo

In collaboration with Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo organized a series of workshops for the engineers from Serbian industry with the aim to introduce the engineers to the concepts and advantages of the modern product design technologies. The lecturers at the workshops were the researchers who were seconded within the framework of the A_MADAM project.

The attendees of the workshop “3D digitalization and product control” with teachers (standing back right) and representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (standing back left)

The first workshop in the series had an introductory character, and it was organized with support of the project partner “Topomatika”,  who prepared the program for the workshop entitled “3D digitalization and product control”. The objective of the workshop was to provide the engineers the basic training in developing the 3D models of products starting from some real objects, which may be the existing products or the objects from nature. The goal of the workshop is to demonstrate the advantages of the freedom of design opened by the additive manufacturing technologies, and to introduce the industrial and mechanical designers to the technical means for the advanced design. The workshop lasted for four days, with morning sessions of four lectures and afternoon sessions with practical exercises. It was attended by engineers from 15 companies selected by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.