RISE Info Day, Zagreb, 17 November 2017

At the event organized in Zagreb (Croatia) on 17th of November 2017, the project A_MADAM was presented as a success story of a RISE project with participation of a Croatian SME. The presentation of the A_MADAM project was made by Dr. Nenad Drvar from “Topomatika” and the seconded early-stage-researcher Slobodan Todosijević from UniKV. A curiosity is that the RISE program was presented by the A_MADAM Project Officer Mr. Radu Diaconescu, so that the whole event turned out to be a nice promotion event for the A_MADAM project. The complete program of the event may be downloaded here.

Dr Nenad Drvar (Topomatika)

Radu Diaconescu (PO), Dr Nenad Drvar (Topomatika) and Slobodan Todosijevic (UniKv)