Promotion in Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Republic of Serbia – Belgrade, 15.12.2017

On the December 13th of 2016 in Brussels was held the fourth meeting of the Accession Conference with Serbia at ministerial level, with the aim to open negotiations on Chapter 5 – Public procurement, and to open and provisionally close Chapter 25 – Science and research.

Regarding negotiations on Chapter 25 – Science and Research, the EU considered that, exceptionally, benchmarks for the provisional closure of this chapter were not required, given the general good level of Serbia’s state of preparedness in the area of Science and research, and the limited scope and particular nature of acquis obligations in this chapter. The EU therefore noted that, at this stage, this chapter does not require further negotiations.

On the occasion of successful opening and provisional closure of the Chapter 25, Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology organized a media conference to present success stories of Serbian researchers who participate in the program Horizon 2020.

Media conference of Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology held on December 15th, 2016 in Belgrade. The Project Manager of the A_MADAM project, prof. Snežana Ćirić Kostić is second from left.

In the media conference participated Serbian Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Vice-Minister for Science, Vice-Minister for International Cooperation and project managers of three recent H2020 projects. The project A_MADAM was presented by the Project Manager, prof. Snežana Ćirić Kostić.

The media conference was followed by national media, which resulted in TV interview of prof. Ćirić Kostić for national news agency “Tanjug”, as well as in articles in national newspapers “Novosti”, “Danas” and media service of the national TV operator RTS.